At Jacobson Dental, we strive to keep up with the latest technology to improve your experience and comfort level. We are proud to offer air polishing during your regular cleanings, a method that is far superior to traditional methods such as scraping and rubber cups.

What Makes Air Polishing Great?

Airflow Zahnreinigung.jpgThere are many benefits to air polishing over traditional methods. You've all experienced the part of your cleaning that seems to last forever—your hygienist scraping at your roots and picking in between teeth to remove plaque, followed shortly after by the gritty paste rubbed onto your teeth by a rubber polisher. Air polishing works differently—a powerful jet of water, air, and powder quickly and efficiently removes the surface stains and plaque on your teeth. The whole experience is quick, gentle, and non-invasive. It is much better for those with sensitive teeth or orthodontics, as there is no direct contact.

What are the advantages of air polishing?

  • Removes nearly 100% of plaque, preventing decay and gum disease
  • Far more effective and efficient than traditional polishing methods
  • Great for sensitive teeth—no heat or pressure during the process
  • Can be used on orthodontics and dental implants

Can I replace traditional cleaning methods with air polishing during my check ups?

Patient assessment will be done prior to using air polishing methods during cleanings. Generally, those who have hypertension and/or are on a sodium-restricted diet will be advised to use traditional polishing instead. This is due to the specific powder that is used—generally we use sodium bicarbonate and this has the possibility of increasing sodium levels in patients.